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Environment Concerns

Did you know that used oil from a single oil change can pollute one million gallons of fresh water (according to the Environmental Protection Agency)?  Also, a quart of motor oil on water creates a 30 acre oil slick!  Used oil poured on the ground can find its way into our water systems and could contaminate drinking water and poison or damage other living things.

Zap Lube cares about the environment!  Zap Lube has been properly recycling all of its used oil since it opened for business in 1985.  Zap Lube's used oil is collected by a licensed hauler and recycled into various products (industrial heating oils, asphalt, and hydraulic oils).  Bringing your vehicle to Zap Lube for an oil change is great for your auto and great for the environment.

Also, because Zap Lube is so concerned about the environment we will accept used oil from do-it-yourselfers.  If you drop off your used oil at Zap Lube please follow these simple instructions:

  • Used oil is accepted during regular business hours only.
  • We will accept up to 5 gallons of used oil at a time, per customer.
  • Bring the oil in a clean plastic container.
  • Must be used oil only.  Do not mix with other liquids (antifreeze, paint thinner,solvents, household chemicals, etc…).
  • Please see our manager when your drop off your used oil.

 Zap Lube will continue to lead the way in proper disposal of waste oil.  We will update you with any new breakthroughs in recycling and waste disposal.


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