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Vendor Info

With a reputation for innovation and high performance engine oils, Castrol is an internationally recognized brand name. Operating in 130 countries and has developed and manufacture 5,000 premium quality lubricants for the consumer, commercial, marine and industrial markets.
A driving force in cutting-edge research and development, Castrol is behind a great many of this century's product firsts, such as the high-performance Castrol GTX - which has become one of the most famous motor oils in the world.
The company also plays a key role in the development of 'eco-friendly' products, such as Castrol Icematic SW - the first range of ozone-friendly refrigerator lubricants, developed in response to world demand for an alternative to harmful CFCs.
Even today, many Castrol products start out as competition grades, and then become available to the everyday motorist.
As the first lubrication company to work in close collaboration with motor manufacturers, Castrol produced lubrication charts showing a breakdown of car chassis and engines types, illustrating the appropriate Castrol lubricant to be used with each. Today, motor manufacturers are offered technical support at the earliest possible stage - sometimes when a new car is still on the drawing board.

Service Champ supplies us with a wide range of products which includes: filters, wiper blades, treatments, serpentine belts, tools and more.  These products are made by major manufactures such as Champion Labs, Bosch, Goodyear and more. All products are fully guaranteed.

Circle Lubricants Inc. has over 150 years of combined experience in the Lubricants Industry. Circle services the Metropolitan Tri-State area with Lubricants, Automotive Products and Services.

C.A.T. Products, Inc. (Run-Rite®) is a leading provider of automotive maintenance products and equipment to the professionally installed automotive service marketplace. As automotive technology continues to evolve and change, their research and development team always “looks for a better way.”  They are dedicated to provide specialty cleaners, lubricants and equipment to the professionally installed automotive service markets.

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